Agriculture is a major sector in our country’s economy so for better development of our economy we have to use arable land for cultivation. Land is absolutely essential to agriculture and therefore relationship between arable land and food security merits serious consideration. The rapid increase in population has become the main reason to make capable the arable land to grow crops due to increase in population the demand of basic needs e.g. shelter (housing society) food, health etc. increasing day bay day so to overcome these problems it is necessary for us to use the arable lands. Attention able regions of arable lands in Pakistan are Potohar region, desert of Layyah, desert of Bhakar, land around the Rivers, land around and under industries. So we should focus to spread awareness to develop arable land more and more among farmers.
The cost of Arable land in Potohar region is 0.75 million including (land and irrigation cost, land leveling cost) while land cost in Punjab is 2.5 million. No doubt cost is low but accurate expense and selection of methods is considered at this average cost so that possibility of loss is low. We should start farming on arable land like the lands of Potohar region because these lands gave us more profit as compare to lands of Punjab such as in Punjab per acre sale of Kino is 0.2 million where as in Potohar region per acre sale of Malta is 0.7 million.
GOVT of Punjab also supports farmers by granting subsidy. Subsidy on irrigation system is 40% farmer share while 60% Govt share and on solar system farmer share is 20% and Govt share is 80%.
Along these above given factors nature also supports cultivation on Arable lands for example in Potohar region

  • Land is more fertile
  • Rich with nutrients
  • Less insect and pest attack
  • Land best for organic farming

This land give us more opportunities to cultivate varieties of fruits and crop That are not grown on other areas.