As it is a well saying “An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away”.
But now a day’s access to fruits is not easy, soaring prices made them out of reach for a less income family; this is because supply is not adequate in comparison to their demand. Fruits availability is less due to poor yield with numerous reasons such as poor planning, unfavorable climate, post-harvest losses and poor management of growing conditions. Our objective as your consultant is to provide you right conditions; you get the most out of your land. We offer you specialized advisory support that maximize yield from your orchard.
An organized planning is required for the better establishment of orchard, commonly farmers take a model to their consideration and plan their orchard which is a misstep, after the time it will come into their knowledge when losses running into millions. Modern cooperative farming Provide complete planning in establishment of orchard (site selection, soil type, topography of land, leveling and Farm layout) We made models of orchard according to the availability of that area. After sowing of proper plants we facilitate our permanent clients, pest management, weed control, irrigation schedule and other management practices to maximize the production.
Our horticulture experts also facilitate clients by the technology of high density orchard which enhance the quality and quantity of yield and maximize possible returns. Pruning services is also delivered by our team according to different plants that is required for optimum tree structure, also promote tree growth. We adopt efficient strategies for post-harvest management that maximize the financial return. Our organization is honored for having the taste of success in growing orchards on arable lands.