Crop production is relying overly on principles of soil preparation, irrigation and nutrition, crop monitoring, pest control and cultivar choice in relation to crop establishment, growth and harvest.
In our field crop profit margin is quite less compared with high profit gains of flowers, vegetables and orchards while minor mistakes make it risky.
Our agronomist provides best to overcome these problems. Our objective is to provide all possible solutions with appropriate use of good Agronomist and other management practices that can increase profit of our permanent client’s. We can help with the whole farm approach to the planning of your crop production systems.
Minor mistakes that our farmers often make are:

  • Incorrect time of sowing
  • Wrong selection of varieties
  • Improper method of sowing
  • Over dose fertilizers and pesticide
  • Inefficient use of water
  • Wrong use of pesticide
  • Wrong time for Application of fertilizer
  • Corruption of Munshi
  • Improper recommendation criteria
We also work closely with other organizations and are involved consultancy projects in many areas of agriculture.
MCF provides professional consultancy services in:

  • Crop management and cost effective strategies
  • Arable land farming
  • Crop rotation
  • Nutrient management planning
  • Farm to table Marketing