Agriculture is the main source in Pakistan’s economy that depends on irrigation system. About 69% of water is consumed in agriculture field. Deficiency of water is becoming a challenge day by day so the need of our time is to use water efficiently in agriculture. To improve the irrigation efficiency we must need to select the proper method for irrigation that are

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Furrow Irrigation
  • Controlled Irrigation
Modern cooperative farming provides facilitation to run the drip and sprinkler irrigation systems efficiently which shows immediate returns in the term of water saving. Our team facilitates farmers by solar power pumping systems in many developed projects. Govt. of Punjab also giving subsidy on irrigation system, 40% farmer share and 60% Govt. share which further facilitate the farmers.
MCF being an agriculture consultancy firm is giving all possible awareness, training and seminars to farmers that depend upon efficient irrigation systems. Our irrigation experts offer Installation, extension, repair and maintenance of irrigation system. By implementation of these techniques we can save our time, labor and increase in net farm income.